Not Heating
GE Electric Dryer

Learn How To Fix A Not Heating GE Hotpoint Electric Dryer

In this not heating GE electric dryer page you will find the videos that will show you the parts that you will need to check when your GE electric dryer is not heating. Make sure that you watch the videos a few times until you know how to check & replace the parts. 

Taking the dryer apart

One of the first things that you need to learn to be able to fix your not heating GE electric dryer, is how to dismantle the dryer and how to put it back together again properly. Try to learn how to do this first and everything else will be much easier to do.

Voltages at the terminal block

The first thing that you need to check when your GE electric dryer is not heating, is the voltages at the terminal block coming from the wall outlet. This is the only test that you need to do with the dryer connected to the wall outlet. Follow the instructions in the video below to do it in a safe way.

The power cord

The power cord is the parts that brings electricity to the dryer terminal block. If the voltages are OK on the terminal block the power cord is working properly. If you don't get the proper voltages at the terminal block, you need to disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet and check the power cord for continuity.

The heating element

The heating element is the parts that when 240 ac volts runs thru it produces the heat to dry the clothes. This heating element use 2 elements and when one element burn out the dryer could heat but not at the right temperature. So watch the video below to learn how to check the heating elements when you have a not heating GE electric dryer. 

The cycling thermostat

The cycling or operating thermostat is used to control the amount of heat inside of the dryer drum.

The timer

The timer is the brain of the dryer. There are many contacts inside of the timer that will close circuits according to the selected cycle.

Motor centrifugal switch

The motor centrifugal switch is an internal motor switch that closes its contacts when the motor runs to complete the heating circuit. Sometime the motor could rum perfect with the centrifugal switch not closing to complete the heating circuit. If this is the case you will need to replace the motor in order for the dryer to be able to heat. 

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