Maytag top load washing machine not spinning


If your Maytag top load washing machine not spinning, check the following.

Check the belts. There are 2 belts in this Maytag top load washer. The motor has a double pulley, one drives the pump to drain the water and the other one drives the transmition pulley. When the pulley is turn counter clockwise the washer will agitate and when it turns clockwise the washer will spin


In this picture you could see what happens to the belt when the transmition pulley won’t turn and the belt stays stationary. The friction of the motor pulley will burn the belt in a minute


Another problem when the washer is not spinning could be a piece of clothing stuck between the spin drum cover and the spin drum


 If the piece of clothing is visible, like in this picture you could use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the obstruction out


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Maytag top load washing machine not spinning