Leaking Water
Performa Washer

Learn How To Fix A Leaking Water Performa Washer

In this water leaking Performa washer page you will find the videos that will show you the parts that you will need to check when your Performa washer is leaking water.

Water could be leaking from many parts in your Performa washer and the videos in these page will show you how to check every part that could be the one leaking water from the washer.

If you have to call a repair company to come to your house and check and fix your water leaking Performa washer is going to cost you more than $100 .

Watch my video to see if fixing your water leaking washer is something that you can take care of or not.

Make sure that you watch the videos a few times until you know how to check & replace the parts causing the water leak. 

The fill hoses

The fill hoses behind the washer are one of the first thing that you need to check when the Performa washer is leaking water. Check for cracks or pinholes in the hoses. If you had the washer for many years is always good to replace the hoses with new ones to avoid water leaks.

The water valve assembly

The water valve assembly are very frequently the cause of a water leak in the Performa washer. Sometimes the water valve could leak water from the threads where you connect the fill hoses and other times the plastic housing on the valve develop a crack and it leaks from the crack.

The water pump

A wore out pump bearing could also be the reason why your washer is leaking water in to the floor. Open the pump cover on the back of the washer and check to see if the water leak is coming from the water pump.

The tub

A cracked tub or a bad tub water seal could be the reason that the washer is leaking water.

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