Water Valve Replace
Maytag Original Top Load Washer

To replace a bad water valve, do the following.

1. Disconnect the washer from the wall outlet

2. Turn the water faucets off

3. Remove the fill hoses (have towels to clean any water drips from hoses or valve)

4. Open the controls panel

5. Remove the cabinet

6. Remove the water valve, but leave the wires connected to the valve

7. Set the new water valve in place and secure it with the holding screw

8. Transfer the wires from the bad water valve to the new one

9. Close the cabinet and controls panel

10. Connect the fill hoses and open the water faucets

To see how to replace the water valve in a Maytag washer, view the video below

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Water Inlet Valve - Part # 3440 Mfg Part # 205613 Water Inlet Valve - Part # 1752 Mfg Part # 22001274
Water valve 1 Water valve 2


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