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Not Tumbling
Performa Electric Dryer

Learn How To Fix A Not Tumbling Performa Electric Dryer

In this not tumbling Performa electric dryer page you will find the videos that will show you the parts that you will need to check when your Performa electric dryer is not tumbling. Make sure that you watch the videos a few times until you know how to check & replace the parts. 

Taking the dryer apart

The first thing that you need to learn to be able to fix your Performa dryer is how to take it apart and how to put it back together again properly. Check the video below to learn how to do that.

The belt

The part that turns the tumbler around is the drive belt. If the belt is broken or it is worn out that could be the cause why your Performa dryer is not tumbling.

The idler pulley

The idler pulley or belt tensioner is used to give the belt the proper tension around the tumbler. With time the belt could stretch and it could start slipping around the tumbler and the tumbler is not able to tumble the clothes.

Drum support rollers

The drum rollers or drum support rollers are us for the drum or tumbler to ride on top of them. When they are wore out the may not turn making it very hard for the drum to tumble around.

Drum front glides or slides

The front drum slides are made of Teflon and are used for the front of the tumbler to slide on them. With time and usage they wear out and the drum start to slide metal to metal and it could stop tumbling. 

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