Not Tumbling Maytag Electric Dryer

If your Maytag electric dryer is not tumbling correctly or not at all.

You will need to check the following parts until you find out the part that needs to be replace to fix the dryer.

Here I am going to give you a brief description of the parts you need to check, and below you will have the links to the pages with the videos that will show you how the repairs are done.

Taking apart: The first thing that you need to learn to be able to fix your Maytag electric, is how to take it apart and put it back together again properly.

When you know how to dismantle the dryer, every repair becomes easier do. The hardest thing to do when making a repair is dismantling and reassembling the dryer.

So my advice to you is, learn how to dismantle and put the dryer back together properly, before trying to do the repairs.

The belt: The dryer uses a skinny belt about 1/4 inch to turn the tumbler. With time and uses the dryer either breaks or gets stretch preventing the tumbler from turning fast enough of not turning at all.

The easier way to check to see if the belt is broken is by opening the dryer door and trying to turn the drum. If it turns easily, most likely the belt is broken or derailed. Is hard to explain how to replace the belt with words but the video below will show you step by step how to replace it. 

The idler pulley:  The idler pulley is used to give the belt the proper tension. It consist of a bracket, a wheel and a spring. The belt goes around the drum and then around the wheel on the idler pulley. With time the center of the wheel wears out and the wheel doesn't run even anymore and the belt derails. Check the videos below according to the idler pulley in your dryer.

The drum support rollers: These dryer use 2 rear drum support rollers the drum rides on top of them. Worn out rollers tend to get noisy and don't allow the drum to turn the way that they supposed to. Usually 1 roller is the ones giving you problems, but since you have to open the dryer to replace it, you should replace both rollers at the same time. 

Front drum glides or slides: The front of the drum turns on 2 pieces of Teflon glides or slides that are riveted to the front drum support panel. When they wear out the drum starts to rub metal to metal wearing the metal on the panel and the drum. The dryer starts to make rubbing noises and the noises get louder as the slides wear out more. Check the video below to see how to replace them.

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How To Take The Dryer Apart

How To Check & Replace The Newer Style Belt 

How To Check & Replace The Older Style Belt

How To Check Replace The Newer Idler Pulley 

How To Check & Replace The older Idler Pulley 

How To Check & Replace Drum Support Rollers 

How To Check & Replace The Drum Slides 

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