Thrust Bearing

Performa Washer By Maytag

If the problem with your Performa washer is that when the washer is on the spin cycle the motor runs, but the drum spins too slow or do not spinning at all. The problem could be a worn out thrust bearing.

This is how the thrust bearing supposed to works

  • When the washer is on the spin cycle, the motor & belt turns the transmission pulley counterclockwise
  • As the transmission pulley turns counterclockwise, it tighten all the parts of the thrust bearing
  • When the parts get tighten, the pulley pulls the transmission shaft compressing the brake spring and releasing the brake
  • When the brake is released, the transmission pulley turns the transmission and since the spin tub is attached to the transmission it will turn as well
  • And basically that is the way that the thrust bearing works, or at list the way that I could explain it.

To see how to check & replace the thrust bearing in a Performa washer, view the video below  

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Thrust Bearing        Belt

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