Start Switch

Whirlpool 29 Inch Electric Dryer

A bad start switch could be the reason why your Whirlpool 29 inch electric dryer is not doing anything in any of the cycles.

This switch is used to start the motor in the dryer. There are 2 types of start switches.

The single pole single throw switch is used only to start the motor and after the motor starts running, this switch will not do anything until is time to get the dryer running again.

The relay one has a relay in it to keep the contacts closed at all times during a drying cycle. If the repay burns this witch will only run the motor while you are pressing the button, when you stop pushing the button the motor stops running.

To check the single pole single throw switch, you need to do the following. Disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet and open the controls panel to get access to the switch.

You will need a multimeter to check for continuity. Disconnect the wires from the switch and while pressing down the start button, take a reading. The reading should be close to 0 ohms. If the reading is infinity you will need to replace it.

Here is a easier way to check it out. Take a piece of wire and attach 2 insulated alligator clips on it to make a jumper wire. With the 2 wires connected to the switch, attach the jumper wire between the 2 wires on the switch.

Connect the dryer on the wall outlet and try the dryer. If when you turn the dryer on, the dryer runs ok, then you know that the start switch is bad and need to be replaced.

The relay one it is a little harder to explain how to check it out, but don't worry I show how it is done in the video below.

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Relay Start Switch        Regular Start Switch

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