Replacing The Motor

Whirlpool 29 Inch Electric Dryer

Replacing the motor could be the solution for a Whirlpool 29 inch electric dryer that is not starting in any of the cycles.

This part is the work horse of the dryer. It is used to turn the tumbler with wet clothes in it and also is used to open and close the circuit to the heating element.

When the motor is running, the centrifugal switch closes the circuit to the heating element and when it stops running, it opens the circuit to the heating element.

This part works very hard and what happens is that with the age of the dryer and the amount of usage the starting winding over heats and starts to damage the insulation on the windings.

Once this starts to happen, the motor starts to overheat more often until the day comes that it will not start at all.

One indication of this is, that the dryer could work on for 30 minutes then it will stop working and it takes 20 minutes for the winding to cool off and the dryer starts working again for a little while.

Having a repair company replace the motor could be very expensive. You will have to pay a service call for them to come to your house and check the dryer and that could be $90

Then you have to pay about 1 hour of labor and that could be $70. Plus the cost of a new motor and that could be about $90

If you do the repair yourself all you have to buy is the motor and my videos will show you how to replace it properly.

Before buying a new motor you need to watch the video that explain how to check & replace this part. Once you know how to do this and you are sure that the part is bad. Then you could get the new part and replace it.

Click on the video below to see the replacing the motor and watch it a few times until you know for sure how to check & replace this part properly. 

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Motor        Belt

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