Performa Washer By Maytag

If the problem with your Performa washer is that is not draining the water from the tub, is leaking water, or is making noises like metal rubbing against metal, the problem could be a bad pump.

The impeller bearings inside of the pump wear out in a few years of use, and the pump start leaking water and making metal to metal grinding noises.

To check it out do the following

  • Pull the washer out a little
  • Lean the washer against the wall, make sure is secure and is not going to fall on top of you
  • Derail the belt from the motor, transmission, and pump pulleys
  • Turn the pump pulley by hand, and put a little pressure to the sides when turning it
  • If it feels like is rubbing metal to metal, or is has movement side to side
  • The pump is bad, and must be replace

To see how to check & replace the pump in a Performa washer, view the video below

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Pump        Belt

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