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Performa Electric Dryer

Learn How To Fix A Not Starting Performa Electric Dryer

If the problem with your Performa electric dryer is that is not starting in any of the cycles that you are trying it on. You will need to check the following parts until you find out which parts is the one that needs to be replaced to get the dryer working properly again.

I am going to give you a small explanation below of the parts that you need to check but watching the videos is how you are going to learn how the repairs are done.

How to take the dryer apart: The most important thing you need to learn is how to take the dryer apart and how to put it back together again properly. Once you know that, everything else becomes very easy to do.

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Voltages at terminal block: If your dryer is not starting, the first thing you need to check is the voltages at the terminal block. You will need to use a multimeter to check the voltages coming from the wall outlet at the terminal block behind the dryer. This is a live test with electricity and it could be very dangerous if you don't follow the instructions the way that I show you in the video.

If you are not going to follow the safety instructions, please don't even try it. I don't want you to get hurt.

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The power cords: There are 2 different power cords use on this dryer at the moment. A 3 prongs cord outlets used on the older homes and the 4 prongs power cord use on the newer homes. The cord that your dryer is going to use depends on the type of outlet in the house. The videos below will show you how to replace a 3 prongs cord with a 4 prongs cord and how to replace a 4 prongs cord with a 3 prongs cord.

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HI limit thermostat right: This thermostat is like a thermal fuse that is connected in series with the motor circuit. If the dryer airflow is obstructed, the dryer will overheat blowing the hi limit thermostat and stopping the motor from running. My video will show you how to check and replace this thermostat.

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Idler Pulley: The idler pulley is used to give the belt the proper tension

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The start switch: This switch is only used to start the motor in the dryer. Once the motor starts running this witch is out of the motor circuit. If this switch is bad the motor is not going to start and the dryer is dead.

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Door switch: This is another safety switch that is connected in series with the motor circuit. It is used to stop the motor from running if the door on the dryer is open while you are using the dryer. If you open the dryer door while the dryer is drying a load of clothes, the motor should stop running.

There 2 ways that this switch gets bad. If the dryer runs with the door open, the contacts are welded together and if a kid or a pet get inside of the dryer drum they could get hurt. And the other way is if the contacts inside of the switch fails to close when the door is closed. If you have either of these problems then you need to replace the switch.

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The motor: The motor is the work horse of the dryer. It is use to turn the tumbler and to complete the heating element circuit. A bad motor could be the cause of a not starting Ge electric dryer.

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The timer: The timer is the brains of the dryer. All the contacts inside of the timer are use to direct electricity to all the different electrical parts inside of the dryer. With time and amount of usage of the dryer, the contact inside of the timer wear out or burn causing the timer not to work they way that is design for and could be the cause why the dryer is not starting.

Any one of the mentioned parts could be the cause why your GE electric dryer is not starting.

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You will need to make sure to watch the videos a few times until you know how to fix a Performa electric dryer. Never assume that a part is bad without checking it and make sure it is bad before replacing it.

Another thing that you need to do is to learn how to check, remove and install the parts before starting to buy replacement parts.

Make sure that the company that you buy parts from give you a good return guarantee in case that you may need to return any parts.

We recommend Repair Clinic because they give you a 365 days hassle free return guarantee   Click here to check it out  

Also take the purchase slip and the old part and put them in the box of the new part so in case you need to return any parts you will know where the box and the slip are.

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