Not Spinning
Whirlpool Washer

Learn How To Fix A Not Spinning Whirlpool Washer

The not spinning Whirlpool washer videos in this page are provided to help you learn what parts you need to check and replace to fix your Whirlpool direct drive washer when is not spinning. Watch the videos a few times until you know how to do what I am showing you in the videos.

The door or lid switch:  Is a safety device us to stop the motor from running if the door on the washer is opened to prevent accidents. On the older washers the door switch only stops the motor on the washer when the machine is on the spin cycle. On the newer washers the door switch will stop everything in the washer if the door is opened.

Sometimes you have to bypass the door switch to be able to correctly diagnose any other problem with the washer. I only recommend bypassing the door switch for testing purposes or until you buy a new door switch to replace the bad switch. You need to be careful because a washer with a bypass door switch will agitate and spin with the door opened and that is dangerous.

Motor Coupler: The motor coupler is use instead of the a belt. This part is attached between the motor and the transmission and when the motor runs the motor coupler turns the inside gears in the transmission. With a broken motor coupler the only thing that the washer will do is fill and drain the water.  Check to see if a broken motor coupler is the cause for a not spinning Whirlpool washer.

The clutch assembly: Is use to turn the spin drum around to extract the water from the clothes before they could put in a dryer to be dried. Worn out pads in the clutch will prevent the washer from spinning at the proper speed to spin dry the clothes. In this video you will learn how to check & replace the clutch assembly. Check to see if a bad clutch is the cause for a not spinning Whirlpool washer.

The basket drive block: Is use to lock the spin drum to the brake & drive tube to make the washer spin.

The brake & drive tube: Is part of the spin assembly of the washer. The bottom part of this brake & drive tube connect with the clutch and when the clutch turn it will turn this tube.

Gear Case Or Transmission: In this video you will see how the gearcase or transmission works. In this video you will learn how to remove and replace a bad gearcase or transmission with a good one.

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