Not Heating Properly GE Electric
Dryer Videos

Here you will find all the not heating properly GE electric dryer videos needed to help you do the repairs yourself

If the problem with your GE electric dryer is that is heating but is not heating properly. In other words the dryer is getting too hot or not getting hot enough, you will need to check the following parts until you find out what is the cause of not heating properly.

The heating elements: This dryer uses a 2 elements heating unit. If one of the elements is burned out the other one could still work, but the dryer will only produce half of the heat that could produce with both element in good working order. If one of the elements is broken or burned you will need to replace the complete heating element unit.

The thermostats: The thermostats could be working ok electrically in other word they open and close to complete the heating element circuit, but they may not been closing and opening at the correct temperatures and that makes the dryer either get too hot or not hot enough. If you think that the thermostats are not working correctly it will be cheaper to just replace them than to try to check them out.

The timer: When the timer contacts wear out they may be opening and closing when they supposed to be closed and that could cause that the dryer not heating properly.End

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