Not Heating
Whirlpool 29 Inch Gas Dryer

Here you will find the information and videos to help you repair your Whirlpool 29" gas dryer when is not heating   

If your have a not heating Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer

You will need to check the following parts until you find out the part that needs to be replace to fix the dryer.

Here I am going to give you a brief description of the parts you need to check, and below you will have the links to the pages with the videos that will show you how the repair is done.

A not drying Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer could be cause by any of the following parts and you need to check them one by one until you find out which one is causing the problem.

Taking the dryer part: The first thing you will need to learn to be able to easily repair your dryer is how to take it apart and how to put it back together again properly. Once you learn how to do that, the repairs will be very easy to do.

Thermal fuse: The thermal fuse is use to open the circuit to the heating parts if it gets too hot. Once this fuse is blown the dryer will run ok, but it will not heat at all. It is checked and replace in the same manner as the one used in an electric dryer.

The igniter: The igniter is used to ignite the gas once the gas valve starts to release the gas. Once the gas is ignited, the igniter is turned off by the flame sensor and it stays off until is needed again to ignite the gas.

Flame sensor: The flame sensor is a switch use to turn on and off the igniter as needed. This switch is controlled by heat. When the timer calls for heat the igniter starts to get hot until is red hot. The heat from the igniter close the flame sensor and the gas valve opens to release the gas. When the gas reach the still red hot igniter it get ignited to start the dryer starts drying the clothes.

Gas valve coils: These coils are on top of the gas valve and are used to open and close the gas valve as needed. If one of the coils fails, the gas valve will not open to released the gas.

The gas valve: The gas valve is used to control the pressure of the gas entering the dryer. It has a regulator to control the pressure of the gas coming from the main gas line from the gas supplier.

Thermal cutoff thermostat: This thermostat is used as a safety device to open the heating circuit if the heating element housing gets hotter that 305 degrees Fahrenheit. This will only happens if there is a restriction on the airflow from the inside to the outside.

Timer: Bad timer contacts could be the reason why is the dryer is not heating. With time and usage the contacts will burn out and won't be able to close the heating circuit for the dryer to heat up.

Operating thermostat: A bad cycling thermostat could be the reason why your Whirlpool 29 inch electric dryer is not drying the clothes properly or not heating at all.

This thermostat is used to control the temperature inside of the tumbler. It is rated at 155 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 20 degrees.

This thermostat could be working ok eclectically, but not opening and closing at the proper temperature. If your dryer is not drying the clothes at all, you will need a multimeter to check for continuity in the thermostat. 

Motor centrifugal switch: The motor could run ok to turn the dryer tumbler around, but if the centrifugal switch doesn't connect the M1 and M2 red wires, the dryer will not heat at all.

Click on the link below according to the information
and video needed to complete the repair

    1. Taking apart

    2. Igniter

    3. Flame sensor

    4. Gas valve coils

    5. Thermal cutoff thermostat

    6. Timer not heating

    7. Operating thermostat

    8. Motor replacing    

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