Not Filling
Whirlpool Washer

Learn How To Fix A Not Filling Whirlpool Washer

In this not filling Whirlpool washer page you will find the links to the videos that will show you what parts you need to check when your Whirlpool direct drive washer is not filling properly or not filling at all.

If the problem with your Whirlpool washer is that is not filling at all, not filling with hot water or not filling with cold water the problem could be cause by the parts listed below in this page.

If you want to make the repairs yourself and save  at least $100 watch the video in this page to learn how easy it is to check each one of the parts in the filling cycle of your washer.

Water Valve Filters: If the washer is filling too slow or not filling at all one of the parts that you need to check are the water valve filters or screens. Sediment in the water will clog the filters restricting the flow of water to the washer tub. Click on the water filters link below to learn how to remove & replace them properly.

Water Mixing Valve: If the washer won't fill with hot water or cold water, If the water valve leaks water or if the washer keeps taking in water even when the washer is turned off, the problem could be a bad water mixing valve.

Water Temperature Switch: If you cant select which temperature water you want  to fill the washer with whether is cold or hot water. The problem could be in the water temperature selector switch.

Water Level Selector Switch: If the problem with your washer is that it only takes a small amount of water, it takes to much water, the tub overflows with water or the washer starts to agitate with an empty tub. The problem could be a bad water level switch.

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