Not Filling
GE Hotpoint Washer

Learn How To Fix A Not Filling GE Hotpoint Washer

The not filling GE washer video links in this page are provided to help you learn what parts you need to check and replace to be able fix your GE washer when is not filling properly or not filling at all.

Watch the videos a few times until you learned how to do what I am showing you in the videos. Then you will be able to these repairs yourself the right way.

The water valve screens or filters

If the washer is filling too slow or is not filling at all one of the things you need to check are the water valve screens. These screens are inside of the water mixing valve. You will learn how to remove, clean or replace the water valve filters if you need to do so. Watch the video a few times until you know how this repair is done.

The water mixing valve

If the water valve filters are clean and you are not getting water to come out of the water valve, then you need to check the water valve solenoids. The video below will show you how to check the solenoids and how to remove and install a new water valve if you need to do so.

The water temperature switch

If the water valve solenoids are ok, then you need to check the water temperature switch. This switch is use to select the temperature of the water that you want to fill the washer tub with.

The water level switch

The water level switch is use to control the amount of water that enters the tub. You could select between small, medium and large settings according to how much water you want in the tub to do your laundry.

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