Not Agitating Whirlpool Washer 

Learn How To Fix A Not Agitating Whirlpool Washer 

If the problem is a not agitating Whirlpool washer. In other words the washer fills to the selected water level, the motor runs, but the washer won't agitate.

You will needs to check the following parts until you find out the part that is preventing the washer from agitating.

The agitator dogs: The agitator dogs are sued to make the agitator clothes mover turn in only one direction. They are made of a material that looks like hard rubber and with time they wear out.

When the agitator dogs wear out the top part of the agitator won't turn to move the clothes down to the agitator and the clothes is not going to get clean.

Another indication that the agitator dogs are wore out is that the clothes stay on top of the water instead of moving down to the agitator.

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Agitator clothes mover: The clothes mover or pusher is the top part of the agitator and is use to push down the clothes to the agitating part of the agitator to clean the clothes.

The only problem that I seen with this part is that the gear cuts that the agitator dogs engage to are wore out and the agitator dogs won't engage to make it work.

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Motor coupler: These washers don't use a belt. They use a coupler attached from the shaft of the motor and the shaft of the transmission. When the motor turns in one direction the washer agitates and when the motor reverses direction the washer spins the clothes basket.

With a broken motor coupler the washer will not agitate or spin. The only thing that the washer could do is to fill with water and drain out the water. It also make a weird noise when the motor runs. Click on the link below to see how this repair is done

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The gearcase or transmission: The job of the transmission is to make the washer agitate or spin depending of the rotation of the motor. If the motor turns the transmission shaft in the agitation mode and you get a not agitating Whirlpool washer. One of the parts you need to check is the gearcase or transmission. Click on the links below to see the videos

Click here to see the video    How the gearcase or transmission works

You will need to make sure to watch the videos a few times until you know how to fix a not agitating Whirlpool washer. Never assume that a part is bad without checking it and make sure it is bad before replacing it.

Another thing that you need to do is to learn how to check, remove and install the parts before starting to buy replacement parts.

Make sure that the company that you buy parts from give you a good return guarantee in case that you may need to return any parts.

WE recommend  Repair Clinic  for their 365 days return guarantee

Also take the purchase slip and the old part and put them in the box of the new part so in case you need to return any parts you will know where the box and the slip are.

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