Making Noises GE Electric Dryer

If the dryer is making noises when is running, you will need to check the following parts until you find out which is the part causing the problem.

The front bearing assembly: The front side of the tumbler or drum rides on top of 4 Teflon slides or glides that are inserted on top of a plastic assembly that is connected on the front panel. When the Teflon slides or glides wear out, the front of the tumbler starts riding on top of the plastic assembly and the dryer starts to make scraping noises. If the dryer starts making these noises you will need to check the front bearing assembly.

The rear drum bearing assembly: The back side of the tumbler rides on a rear drum bearing assembly that consist of a metal piece with a shaft that screws to the tumbler, another metal piece with a hole that gets screwed to the back panel and a Teflon sleeve that is inserted on the piece with the shaft. This Teflon piece prevents the tumbler from riding metal to metal. When the Teflon sleeve wears out the dryer start to make a chirping or screeching noise that sounds like birds inside of the dryer.  

Blower wheel: The blower wheel is used to suck air from the outside of the dryer and direct it through the heating elements, then through the tumbler and to the outside of the dryer. The blower wheel is attached tone side of the motor shaft and when the motor runs the blower wheel runs too.

The main reason why the blower wheel starts making noises is because something falls on to of the blower. Another reason is that lint accumulates on the blower wheel and it throws the blower out of balance and the dryer starts vibrating and runs noisy.

The motor: After so much usage and the amount of time that you own the dryer, the motor bearings wear out and the motor runs noisy. I would use the dryer with a noisy motor as long as I could stand the noise.

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