Leaking Water Maytag Washer 

Learn How To Fix A Leaking Water Maytag Washer 

Fixing a leaking Maytag 2 belts washer is easy if you learn what I am showing you in the following videos. Just watch the videos as many times you need until you know how to check, remove and replace the parts that have something to do with water leaks.

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Get behind the washer and check the fill hoses to see if they are leaking water. If they are, replace them with new ones. Also if the hoses are old and cracked, you should replace them too.

Cracks on the water mixing valve could cause water leaks. All you need to do to find water leaks from the water valve just go behind the washer and check the water valve for leaks.

Water could be leaking from a crack on the water pump or it could come from hoses connected to the water pump.

Water could leak from the stem & seal assembly. Watch the video below that will show you how to replace the tub seal assembly.

If the stem and seal leaks water after some time of using the washer leaking water the tub bearing will also wear out. Watch the video on how to replace the tub bearing. 

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