Water Leaking
GE Hotpoint Washer

Learn How To Fix A Water Leaking GE Hotpoint Washer

In this water leaking GE washer page you will find the videos that will show you the parts that you will need to check when your GE washer is leaking water. Make sure that you watch the videos a few times until you know how to check & replace the parts. 

Taking the dryer apart

To fix a GE Hotpoint washer when is not working properly, the first thing that you need to learn before you try to fix it, is how to take it apart and how to put it back together properly. Once you know how to dismantle the washer, the repairs becomes easier to do.

The fill hoses

If water leaking GE washer drips water to the floor during the fill cycle, you need to check the fill hoses to make sure that the problem is not a bad fill hose. If the hoses are old, the best thing to do is to replace them with new ones. You should always shut the water faucets off when not using the washer to avoid a hose breaking and flooding the floor.

The water valve

The water valve is another area that the water could escape from. Check for pin holes or cracks on the body of the water valve. Also check the threads on the water valve. Sometimes when the hoses are threaded on the valve the threads get crisscross and get damaged.

The water pump

Cracks or pin holes in the body of the pump will cause the pump to leak water out. To check it out remove the front panel of the washer, start the washer on a wash cycle and let it work out. Check to see if any water is leaking out of the pump

Tub water seal

This seal is used to seal the tub and the transmission shaft. With time and age the seal gets more rigid and cant stop the water from dripping between the tub and the transmission shaft. If that is the case, you will need to replace it. Check the videos below to see how to take care of a leaking water GE washer.

Water level switch

A bad water level switch could cause the washer to overfill and leak water on to the floor.

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