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Let me explain to you how a top load washer works

When you set the timer on the beginning of the cycle and pull the timer knob, the first thing that the washer should do, is to start filling with water to the selected level.

After the washer is filled to the selected water level, the washer supposed to start agitating. It will agitate for the time selected in the timer.

After the time for agitation expires, the motor will stop for a minute or so and then the motor starts running on the direction to drain.

After the washer has drain most of the water out, then it should start spinning to extract the soapy water out of the clothes.

Then the washer will stop spinning and it start taking the water for the rinse. Most washers use cold water for the rinse, since the water is just to remove the soap from the clothes.

After the washer is filled with the rinse water, the washer will agitate to remove the soap out of the clothes.

After the agitation on the rinse cycle, the washer will drain the water and it starts spinning. On some washers you will get the 7 seconds spray.

The water valve allow cold water to spray on the clothes while the washer is spinning.

After that, the washer will continue to spin dry the clothes until the cycle finishes.

That is the way that most washers work. They all work in a similar way, but they are built different.


All washers don't look alike, so when you ask a question you need to include a good model number so I could check and see what kind of washer you may have.

Check to see what is your washer not doing right before asking a question.

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