Hi Limit Thermostat

GE Hotpoint Electric Dryer

If the problem with your GE Hotpoint electric dryer is that is not starting in any of the cycles, the problem could be a blown HI limit thermostat.

This thermostat is a safety device used to turn the heating elements off, if the dryer overheats.

This is a one-time thermostat, meaning that if it blows, you will need to replace it with a new one..

Before replacing this thermostat, you will need to find out what caused it to blow. Look for an obstruction on the exhaust hose from the back of the dryer to the outside.

Could also be broken vanes on the blower wheel or a restriction just past the blower wheel before the exhaust hose.

To see how to check & replace the HI limit thermostat in a GE Hotpoint electric dryer, view the video below

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Hi limit thermostat        Multimeter

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