Heating Element

Whirlpool 29 Inch Electric Dryer

A bad heating element could be the reason why your Whirlpool 29 inch electric dryer is not heating. This part is the one that produces heat to dry the clothes in the dryer.

To check it out do the following. Disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet. Remove the back panel to get access to the heat element. This part is located on the right side of the dryer when you remove the back panel.

To check it out for continuity or resistance on the coils of the element, you will need to use a multimeter that has a voltmeter on it.

To check the coils to see if they are broken or if they are intact, you will need to check for continuity. Set your multimeter on the lower scale to read ohms.

Make sure the dryer is disconnected from the all outlet before proceeding ( if the dryer is connected to the wall outlet you could get hurt really bad or even die ) Not trying to scare you, if you follow my instructions nothing will happened to you OK.

disconnect the red wire from the element. With the multimeter in the lower scale to read ohms take a reading between the terminal that you removed the red wire and the other terminal of the heating element.

The reading should be between 10 and 100 ohms. If the reading is infinity, the unit is bad and you will need to replace it.

To replace it you will need to disconnect the wires connected to it, I suggest to take a picture with you phone to have a guide showing where the wires connect to.

Set the new one in place and secure it with the 2 screws. Connect the wires and install the back panel.

Now you could plug the dryer into the wall outlet and try it to see if heats now.

Watch my video below to see how easy it is to replace the heater in this Whirlpool 29 inch electric dryer 

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Heating Element        Multimeter

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