Gas Valve Coils

How to check & install the gas valve coils
Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer

Bad gas valve coils could be the reason why your Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer is not heating properly.

The gas valve uses 2 coils to open the inside of the valve to allow gas to flow out to be ignited and produce heat to dry the clothes inside the dryer.

These coils are electromagnets that when electricity flow through them produce a strong electromagnet that pulls a plunger inside of the valve allowing gas to flow out. Both coils have to work together, if one of the coils fails and the other one is working, the gas valve will not open to allow the gas to flow to get ignited and the dryer will not dry the clothes properly. 

Sometimes one of the coils fails right away and the dryer will not heat at all. Other times one of the coils works ok for 10 minutes then fails and the dryer heat ok for 10 minutes then stops heating.

If you look at the gas valve when the dryer is running you will see that the igniter glow red hot but the gas valve will not open. When you see this, the problem could be no gas to the dryer, bad coils or a bad gas valve.

The easier way to check is replacing the coils. If the dryer works ok after replacing them, then you know that was the only problem. If the dryer still not heating, then the problem is the gas valve itself and it must be replace.

This is a repair that if you have to call a repair company to come and do for you, will easily could cost you over $160. If you follow the instructions in my video you should be able to do this repair for just the cost of the parts and a little of your time.

Watch the video below to see how this is done properly.

You could visit Repair Clinic for all the replacement parts needed

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