Not Filling Whirlpool Washer Videos

Here you will find all the not filling Whirlpool washer videos needed to help you do the repairs yourself

Watching my not filling Whirlpool washer videos is like having me next to you showing you how the repairs are done.

If the problem with your Whirlpool direct drive washer is that is not filling in any of the cycles that you try it on, you will need to check the following parts until you find the part or parts that could be causing the problem.

The Water Faucets: The first thing you will need to check and make sure is that the water faucets that supply water to the washer are opened and that water could flow to the water valve in the washing machine.

Once you are sure that the water faucets are opened and that water can flow to the water lave, the you continue checking the rest of the parts that could be preventing your Whirlpool washer from filling properly.

The Wall Outlet: The next step is to check to make sure that there is electricity in the wall outlet. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be the cause why your Whirlpool washer is not filling at all.

You could use a multimeter to check the voltage at the wall outlet, but the easier way to do that is by unplugging your Whirlpool washer and connecting a hair dryer that you know for a fact that it is in good order into the wall outlet.

If the hair dryer works ok, then the wall outlet is not the problem. If the hair dryer don't work, then you will need to check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, making sure that there is electricity at the outlet before continuing checking the washer.

Cabinet Removing: Now is time to start checking the parts that could be causing the not filling Whirlpool washer. The first thing you need to learn is how to remove and reinstall the cabinet of the washer.

In my videos I will show you exactly how this is done. It is very important to learn this first, so you don't start tearing apart the washer an break parts or opening parts that are not needed to be open. Once you learn how to open the cabinet and panels properly, you could continue to the next parts you need to check.

The water valve filters: These filter are used to stop sediment in the water from entering your washer, specially if you use well water. With time the water vale screens or filters will get clogged with sediment preventing the washer from filling properly or not filling at all. 

Turn the water faucets off, get behind the washer put a towel on the floor to catch any water dripping from the fill hoses and remove the two fill hoses from the water valve.

Look inside of the water valve an you will see the filters, some are metal and others are plastic. Clean them if you can or replace them with new ones if you cant clean them.

Water Mixing valve: The water valve is use to allow the selected water to come in and fill the washer. It usually has two incoming ports, one for hot water and the other for cold water.

Depending on your selection the water valve port are opened or closed. Like when you select warm water both ports are open at the same time allowing the hot and cold water to mix and you get warm water. So a bad water valve could cause a not filling Whirlpool washer.

Water Temperature Switch: The job of this switch is to send electricity to the water valve solenoids according to the selection you make on the water temperature switch.

My videos will show you how to check all these parts properly.

Water Level Switch: The job of this switch is to control the amount of water that the washer takes in, according to the level selected. If the contacts inside of this switch are burnt out, It could cause a not filling Whirlpool washer problem.

Listen below you are going to find the links to the pages with the videos that will show you how to fix a not filling Whirlpool washer the easier and proper way. Watch the videos a few times until you know how to check & replace every parts that may be causing this problem.

Don't start buying replacement parts until you are absolutely sure that the part is bad and it need to be replaced.

You could visit Repair Clinic for all needed replacement parts

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