Not Draining
Whirlpool Direct Drive Washers

What to check when your washer is not draining

If your Whirlpool direct drive washer is not draining properly, in other words the washer is agitating ok but is not removing the water from the tub.

You will need to check the following parts until you find out the part that needs to be replace to fix the washing machine.

Here I am going to give you a brief description of the parts you need to check, and below you will have the links to the pages with the videos that will show you how the repair is done.

Cabinet: The first thing you need to know to be able to fix your Whirlpool direct drive washer is how to take it apart and put it back together properly

Kinked drain hose: This use to happen on the older style washer with a rubber hose. People use to leave the hose too long and the hose bend and get kinked. The newer washers use a plastic hose that does not bend, eliminating the kinks.

Obstruction: The biggest causes of obstructions are small items of clothing, like socks, curtain ties and kids clothing. These pieces sometimes float to the top of the tub and get between the tub and the spin drum and finally wind up on the pump or on one of the hoses

Pump: The problems that can cause the washer to remove the water too slow or not emptying at all, are obstructions on the pump hoses or an obstruction inside of the pump. Just remember that every cloth item that floats to the top of the tub and falls between the tub and spin drum will end up on the pump and can cause an obstruction

A way to tell if your Whirlpool direct drive washer is not removing the water properly is by the time that the washer takes to drain out the water. If the washer takes too long empty the water is going to leave very little time for the washer to spin.

Calling a repair company when your Whirlpool direct drive washer is not emptying the water properly could be very expensive. But if you watch my free videos I will show you step by step how to check, remove and replace any part that preventing the washer from working properly.

All you need to do is to watch the videos a couple of times until you are sure of what you need to do. Then after you find out what part is bad then you could buy the part and replace it.

So, if you are ready to fix your washer and save big money, let's do it

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