Cycling Thermostat

Maytag Original Electric Dryer

If the problem with your Maytag electric dryer is that is not heating properly, or is not heating at all. The problem could be a bad cycling or operating thermostat.

The cycling thermostat is a controlled device used to control the temperature inside of the dryer. This thermostat is factory set to open the heating element circuit when the temperature inside of the drum reaches about 150 degrees, and close the circuit again when the temperature falls below 135 degrees.

This is one of the hardest working electrical switches in the dryer. The constant opening and closing of the contacts, will wear the contacts in the thermostat causing it to fail.

To see how to check & replace the cycling or operating thermostat in a Maytag electric dryer, view the video below  

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Cycling Thermostat        Thermal fuse