Not Agitating Whirlpool Washer Videos

Here you will find all the not agitating Whirlpool washer videos needed to help you do the repairs yourself

My not agitating Whirlpool washer videos is like having me next to you showing you how the repairs are done.

If the problem with your Whirlpool direct drive washer is that is not agitating in any of the cycles that you try it on, you will need to check the following parts until you find the part or parts that could be causing the problem.

The Agitator: In order for the washer to be able to agitate to clean the clothes, the agitator has to be in good working order. Some washers use a dual action agitator, this means that the agitator consist of two parts. The bottom part is the agitator and the top part is the clothes pusher.  The other type of agitator is a one piece agitator, doesn't use s pusher and doesn't need agitator dogs. You will learn how to check viewing the video below

The Agitator Pusher: The agitator pusher or mover is used in a dual action agitator and the job of this part is to push the clothes in a down motion so the agitator could wash the clothes.

It uses what are called agitator dogs or cogs. These pieces will make the agitator pusher turn in only one direction. Bad agitator dogs could make it look like a not agitating Whirlpool washer problem.

The Door or Lid Switch: The door or lid switch is a safety device used to stop the motor from running if the door of the washer is opened during the agitating, drain or spinning cycles. Keep in mind that on the older Whirlpool made direct drive washers the lid switch was connected to motor in the drain and spin cycles only. In other words the washer could agitate with the door opened.

Now on the newer washers the door switch is connected to the motor circuit and will stop the motor if the door is opened during the agitate, drain or spin cycles. So, a not agitating Whirlpool washer could be cause by a bad door or lid switch.

The Motor Coupler: The motor coupler is used instead of a drive belt. It is installed between the motor shaft and the gearcase or transmission shaft. When the motor turns, the transmission shaft turns.

The Gearcase or Transmission: The transmission or gearcase is what makes the agitator agitate or spin. If the transmission is bad the washer will not agitate or spin properly. 

The transmission in the direct drive washers made by Whirlpool is the easiest to replace. If it is bad causing the Whirlpool washer not to work properly, could very easily be replace. 

The Motor: The motor is the work horse of the washer. When the motor don't work the only thing the washer do is take in water.

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