Not Agitating 
Whirlpool Direct Drive Washers

What to check when your washer is not agitating

If your Whirlpool direct drive washer is not agitating properly, in other words the washer fill to the selected level but the agitator is not working the way that it supposed to.

You will need to check the following parts until you find out the part that needs to be replace to fix the washing machine.

Here I am going to give you a brief description of the parts you need to check, and below you will have the links to the pages with the videos that will show you how the repair is done.

Cabinet removing: The first thing that you will need to learn to be able to fix your Whirlpool direct drive washer is how to remove the cabinet to get access to the internal parts in the washer. Once you know how to do this, everything else will be easier to do.

The agitator: These washers use 2 different types of agitators. The regular 1 piece one and the 2 piece agitator also called a dual action agitator.

Sometimes the spline in the agitator wears out do to overloads and the shaft on the transmission is not able to turn it properly.

Agitator dogs: The agitator dogs or cogs as they are also called are made of hard rubber. They are used to engage the agitator pusher in one direction and slip on the other direction.

The pusher is the top part of the dual action agitator. This part is used to push the clothes down so the agitator could wash the clothes.

Motor coupler: The motor coupler consists of 3 pieces, 2 pieces called fingers that are made of hard plastic. The other part is a round piece that is made of hard rubber.

One of the fingers goes on the motor shaft and the other finger goes on the transmission shaft. The round rubber piece goes between the 2 plastic fingers. Watch the video on the motor coupler to see how to replace it.

The gearcase or transmission: The gear case is the part that makes the washer agitate or spin. When the gearcase shaft runs in a counterclockwise direction the washer agitates and when it runs in a clockwise direction the washer spins.

If the internal gears in the gearcase are worn out, the washer could fail to wash or to spin.

Watch the videos that show how to check each one of the parts that have something to do with the washer wash cycle.

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