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Maytag Top Load Washer With 2 Belts

If the problem with your Maytag washer is that it seems to be washing or spinning a little slower than normal, one of the parts that you need to check are the springs and slides on the motor mounting plate. 

The motor is mounted on top of two plates that use springs and slides to keep the motor at the proper tension.

When the motor starts, centrifugal force moves the motor forward to loosen the belts so the motor could start with no load. After the motor starts and gain the right speed, the springs & slides pull the motor forward to keep the belts with the proper tension to move the agitator or spin the spin drum.

To see how to check & replace the springs and slides in a Maytag washer, view the video below 

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Springs and slides kit         Belts

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