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Power cord repair video Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer

A bad power cord could be the reason why your Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer is not working at all. To learn how to check it out, do the following. (Don’t worry about it, the video below will show you how it is done)

Disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet. Check the condition of the cord plug terminals. They should look clean. If the look discolored or burnt, the cord and the wall outlet need to be replaced.

This condition is cause by a loose connection between the wall outlet and the plug terminals.

Make sure the dryer is disconnected from the wall outlet. Go behind the dryer and remove the cord protecting plate.

Connect a jumper wire between the flat terminals on the plug making sure you have a good connection. This will make 2 wires in to 1 wire and it will be easier to check it out for continuity.

Disengage the cord from the cabinet by pushing it down.

Pull it out to make it easier to work on it.

Set your multimeter on the lower scale to read ohms. Take a reading between the 2 terminals on the cord with the white and black wires.

The reading should be close to 0 ohms. If the reading is infinity, you need to replace the cord.

To replace it, disconnect the green ground wire from the cabinet. And disconnect the white and black wires from the cord.

To install the new one, connect the white and black wires to the terminals on the cord.

Push the cord in to the holding hole on the cabinet. And connect the green ground wire to the cabinet with the screw.

Install the safety cover plate and secure it with the screw.

Connect the dryer to the wall outlet. And try it out to see if it starts and runs ok now.

If it works, then that was the only problem. If it doesn’t work, then you will need to keep checking the other parts in the starting circuit until you find the other problem.

That was the way to check & replace the power cord in a Whirlpool 29 inch gas dryer.

If it still not starting you need to keep checking until you find out what other part need to be replace to correct the problem. Click on the video below to see how to do it

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