Belt Older Style

Maytag Original Electric Dryer

If the problem with your Maytag electric dryer is that the motor runs ok, but the drum is not tumbling. The problem could be a broken or stretched out older style belt.

When the motor turns it turns the belt and the belt turns the drum or tumbler.

To find out if the belt is around the tumbler do the following.

Open the door on the dryer

Try to turn the drum clockwise and counterclockwise

If the drum turn easily without any resistance

That is an indication that the belt is stretched or broken

The easier way to learn how to replace the belt, is seeing how is done in a video

To see how to check & replace the older style belt in a Maytag electric dryer, view the video below  

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Below are the links to the parts needed for this repair.

Older style belt        Tools Needed

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