How to check a 240 volts wall outlet

If you are going to use an electric dryer and the dryer won't start or the dryer won't heat, the first thing you will need to check are the voltages in the wall outlet.

To check the voltages in the wall outlet you will need have a multimeter and know how to use it properly. The wall outlet can supply the dryer with 240 ac volts and with 120 ac volts.

The 240 ac volts are used to power the heating element and the 120 ac volts are used to power the motor. So, is the dryer is not starting you will need to check for the 120 ac volts in the outlet and if the dryer is not heating you will need to check for 240 ac volts in the wall outlet.

The reason a dryer may not be starting or heating, could be because the terminals or wires in the wall outlet could be burned due to loose connections in the wall outlet. 

If you follow my instructions in the video below, you will learn how to check the voltages in the wall outlet of a dryer correctly and with out any danger of getting an electrical shock. 

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